552nd Military Police Company Deploying From HawaiiPhoto 552CPT. Joseph Price, company commander

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii− Watchdog leaders, Soldiers, families and friends gathered together during a deployment ceremony for 552nd Military Police Company at the company’s training area.

Families and guests watched as the 552nd MP Co., ‘Peacekeepers,’ officially cased their colors, and commemorated their upcoming mission. However, it’s not just a U.S. Pacific Command security force mission in Guam the company must prepare for. Due to additional mission requirements, the 552nd MP Co., has to split itself in half.

One half of the company dubbed, ‘Team Shield’ will remain at Schofield Barracks and later deploy to Cambodia for Exercise Angkor Sentinel 17 during the first iteration of U.S Army Pacific’s Pacific Pathways 2017. The other half of the company, ‘Team Sword,’ will deploy to support operations in Guam.

“I am very proud of you and your dedication as you have prepared for these missions. Your training, education and experiences have you more than ready for this journey – trust in it,” said Lt. Col. Chad Froehlich, commander, 728th MP Bn.

Capt. Joseph Price, the company’s commander, said he was proud and very confident in his Soldiers ability to successfully complete their missions. “Peacekeepers, I am extremely thankful to Soldier with you. Your talents are endless and your mental fortitude has set the tone for our success, thank you.” Price also acknowledged the sacrifices of the families, and expressed his appreciation directly to the spouses of the Peacekeeper Soldiers.

“You allow myself and the 1st Sgt. a lot of your spouse’s time away from you and I will not forget it. I am grateful to have you on their team for when they return home and I can assure you that those deploying on the Guam mission will be in good hands,” said Price.

Team Sword will serve as the Task Force Talon security force, offering many opportunities for increased readiness in core military police competencies. This is the first deployment for most of the Soldiers in the company, but there was little doubt they are more than ready for the challenges ahead.

“Peacekeepers, you continue to impress 1st Sgt. and myself on a daily basis and I know that you are truly the best Soldiers to complete this mission,” said Price.

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