The following information was provided by Ed Morris For fellow Vietnam Veterans regarding obtaining benefits you earned as a member of the armed forces.

1. DD-214 – Discharge Papers and Separation Documents –Have the original and obtain, and secure a “true test copy.” File with your County Records/Vital Statistics Office, then you can always get a copy if you lose track of it. If a Veteran has lost the original, a copy can be obtained from the National Archives at:
If supporting evidence is needed to verify a claim, a visit to or a request from the National Archives in College Park, MD, can provide Daily Reports of major unit actions.

2. Letters from fellow service-members who witnessed actions in which a Veteran was involved can substantiate claims.

3. Veterans need to file their claim as soon as possible, whether all of the supporting information accompanies the initial filing or not. The bell tolls on any claim on the date the initial filing was received by the VA. It takes time to review, consider, and approve compensation claims.

4. The VA Benefits Booklet is available on-line at:

5. Terminally ill Veterans can qualify for the accelerated benefits option.

6. In addition to education assistance available to Veterans from the VA, nine [9] States* offer free or reduced tuition at State universities for Veterans. The criteria for State education benefits vary.

7. Many States offer complete or partial reductions in real estate taxes for Veterans who are 100 percent disabled.

8. There is no bar for compensation for Veterans who received the Purple Heart or Bronze Star with “V” device. Although recent process changes have reduced the evidentiary burden for all claimants, other Veterans may have to provide more specific evidence to support their claims of “service connection.”

9. Veterans are presumed to be disabled if they are former prisoners of war; have chronic or tropical diseases that become evident within specific periods of time after discharge from the service; were exposed to ionizing radiation, mustard gas, or Lewisite while in-service; were exposed to certain herbicides, such as Agent Orange; or served in Southwest Asia during the Gulf War.

10. Special Access to Care - Service-disabled Veterans: who are rated by VA as 50 percent or more disabled from service-connected conditions, unemployable due to service-connected conditions, or receiving care for a service- connected disability receive priority in scheduling of hospital or outpatient medical appointments.

11. Bad Conduct”/Dishonorable discharges can be upgraded to “General” discharges on appeal, if a case can be made that the discharge was “inequitable,” “improper,” or resulted from behavior attributable to PTSD.

12. Information about benefits provided to Veterans by States – in addition to those available through the VA – can be found at:

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